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"Blueberry Kush is my favorite strain! It genieuley provides relief for my chronic pain! Forever grateful for Sauce 🙏🏽"


"Love Sauce! I use Strawberry Cough for the work week; apple fritter for the weekend"


"White widow is the best, the taste is amazing ive always loved flavors that taste more like pine"


"I love ghost train haze, but my friend let me try his blueberry kush it was fire!! 🔥"


"Love Sauce Bars. Favorite is the Strawberry Cough bc of the uplift it gives you and the happiness it provides daytime 🙌"


"White widow is fire 🔥 loving this brand the more flavors I try. Need more of them in Oakland"


"Blueberry Kush is amazing. The flavor is on point and its a real acting indica 🙏🏽"


"Finally found a strain for my insomnia. Ive using grandaddy purp. Puts me right to sleep"


"Apple fritter is bomb, makes me laugh so much and tastes amazing!!"


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